As the holiday season approaches I always find myself thinking of new ways to give back to the communities I’m involved with. I am proud to say that I am now the Sacramento County Sheriff’s District One Director of the Toy Project. We have partnered with the Salvation Army to provide a nice Christmas for some of the needy families in the area as a way of giving back to the communities.

Christmas is just around the corner and is a time when less fortunate families and children need our help the most. We strongly believe that NO child should ever feel the emptiness of a cold, gift less Christmas morning, and NO family should be deprived of a holiday meal.
 Your kindness and generous donation is greatly appreciated and will help so many children and their families who would otherwise ‘go without’ this Christmas.
For information on the program and what you can do to help; please visit the Sacramento Sheriff’s Toy Project web page at www.toyproject.org
Kindness costs so little but pays back huge rewards.