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 Foreclosure Information



Although the 'Short Sale' process is a difficult and long, frustrating task, it is a worthwhile process in the end.  One of the benefits of a Short Sale verses a Foreclosure is that it doesn’t hurt your credit as badly as a Foreclosure would.  A Foreclosure can hurt your credit score as long as 7 years, while a Short Sale can effectively hurt it only 2 years - if you work hard to get your score up.  

Attempting a Short Sale on your own is not a situation that most homeowners want, or should engage in.  That is why you should obtain the help of a professional Realtor, with Short Sale experience to negotiate for you.  You want someone who is committed to working hard for a successful outcome.  Don’t be afraid to ask them how many Short Sales they have successfully done.  By that I mean actually sold and closed.  This is extremely important information.  You want someone who knows all the in’s and out’s of the Short Sale process and who can anticipate the lenders next request. REMEMBER: You Should NEVER pay for advise, it's a scam if you do.

                                                    Short Sale Information